Customers in Ohio who require a Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) or FBI background check can now accomplish this on-site.

Because Nationwide Background Checks uses mobile digital fingerprinting technology, we can come to your place of business anywhere in Ohio.* The process is clean (no ink), easy, and quick (usually less than five minutes per person). So, leave the driving to us, and keep your employees where they need to be – at WORK. It’s that easy.

A BCI fingerprint check covers all 88 counties of Ohio, and can be completed for anyone, for any reason. A FBI fingerprint check is available to Ohio residents only, and for a bona fide FBI-approved reason code. (Current Ohio residents who have lived in Ohio for less than five years may be required to have a FBI fingerprint check in addition to Ohio BCI.)

Who needs fingerprinted?

In accordance with Ohio law, just about anyone who works with children, the elderly, or disabled persons must have a fingerprint background check. Fields such as nursing, hospice & in-home health care, pharmacists & pharmacy techs, childcare & daycare workers, school teachers, and even volunteers in many cases, require Ohio BCI&I or FBI fingerprinting. (This list is not inclusive; check the Ohio Attorney General’s website for a complete listing of required fields.)

Who else?

An Ohio BCI check can be done for anyone working in any field, so many employers require one simply because they know the benefits far outweigh the cost. They know that one wrong move can cost thousands of dollars in lost time, productivity and even legal fees. And, what about the damage to the company’s reputation? How much does that cost?

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*Travel surcharge may apply for distances over 30 miles one way or for fewer than five people to be fingerprinted in a single visit.